Figure Drawing & Sketching of Horses

Would you like to learn how to draw beautiful horses? Horses are great for drawing. Draw a figure at different angles. Do not worry because drawing a horse is simple. Draw this beautiful animal with just a few simple shapes. A few simple circles and shapes. Draw horses running, jumping, and looking. Learn how to draw a horse easily with this course. Practice from the outline to the details. Combining these simple shapes can be fascinating. Draw from shape to volume. Horses’ bodies are full of beautiful muscles. You can draw a horse in two ways.

The first is using internet reference photos and the second is drawing with your own memory and creativity. There are a lot of exercises in this course. This course is suitable for students who are interested in simple drawings. So pick up your pencil and get started.

Author : Houshang falahrezaei

Ratings : 4.1 / 5.0

Students : 2,895 students

Category : Design, Graphic Design & Illustration, Figure Drawing

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