Apache Kafka Architecture

Deal Score+6
Deal Score+6

Hi there!

You want to prepare to your Kafka Job Interview?
Or just want to know how Kafka works inside?

You are in good company!
My name is Anatolii and I am a Software Developer in the Internet of Things.
Every second we receive tons of data from our sensors and we’ve chosen Kafka as a backbone of our distributed backend application.

In this course, I am using my practical experience of running Apache Kafka in production and describe in detail the Architecture of Kafka and the motivation behind it.

This course is for you if:

  • you want to prepare for a Kafka Job Interview questions

  • you want to make better architectural decisions for your messaging system

  • more easily debug production issues with Kafka

  • or just want to know how Kafka is built inside.

    We will cover:

  • Consumer Groups and rebalancing of partitions across Consumers

  • Replication of data in Kafka for redundancy and recovery

  • Different options to clean space in Kafka (delete or compact the logs)

  • Batching and compressing messages

  • Fault tolerance in Kafka Cluster

  • Rebalance protocol

  • Static membership

  • Incremental Cooperative Rebalance

We will also run Kafka in Docker to investigate Kafka files and their structure.

In this dense course, I’ve combined information from these primary sources:

  • The actual Kafka code

  • Kafka Improvement Proposals (KIP) – internal discussions in the Kafka community that describe the feature before its implementation

  • and of course, the knowledge I received personally from running Kafka in High Load production

If you want to know how Kafka is built or get prepared for your Kafka Job Interview I am glad to see you on the course!

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