Natural Language Processing

Deal Score+8
Deal Score+8

An astounding amount of unstructured text data is generated every day by the internet, social media platforms, and a variety of other sources. To harness the real value of such large volume of textual data, it is absolutely necessary to have the skills to turn messy texts into powerful insights.

Welcome to this FREE course on Natural Language Processing which will give a very basic idea. If you have some experience with Python and interest in natural language processing (NLP), this course can provide you with the knowledge you need to tackle complex problems using machine learning.

The trainer in this course is – Dr. Mostafa Sheikh who is a Senior Data Scientist with over 20 years of hands on experience on AI, ML and NLP. In this very hands on course Dr. Mostafa  begins with a quick review of foundational NLP concepts, including how to clean text data and build a model on top of vectorized text. He then jumps into more complex topics such as Spark NLP, Webscraping, Parsing, Tensor flow. To wrap up the course, he lends these concepts a real-world context by showing how to develop and deploy machine learning problems.

The course is brought to you by HotCubator academy, a think tank of data and research based in Australia.

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