Python | 100 programming exercises + solutions | Data Types

Deal Score+7
Deal Score+7

Unlike other online courses, this course will guide you through a series of programming tasks to solve. You will find 100 coding exercises for learning or improving the following Python data types:

  • string

  • number

  • tuple

  • list

  • set

  • dictionary

Every programming exercise has a proposed answer so you can verify your solution. The proposed solution complies with the current coding standards used in Python.

The exercises answer the most frequently asked questions by beginner Python programmers about data types. You will find assignments for both beginners and more experienced people.

One of the most effective ways of learning or improving programming skills is by solving coding tasks. This course will help you to verify and test your knowledge of Python data types.

Author : Szymon Wolny

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Students : 1,484 students

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