Usability Testing: in 5 minutes, then in 60

Deal Score+8
Deal Score+8

I will teach you how to do usability testing. But I will not only tell you about it, but I will actually show it to you.

As a matter of fact, I will show you a real usability test of one of the world’s best-designed apps, Google Calendar. I will show you how I find 12 usability issues in just about 20 minutes. That is one usability issue every second minute of the test.

Get started with Usability Testing, understand how your users think, and build an amazing experience.

What’s included?

  • a 5-minute recipe for Usability Testing

  • 5 issue detection techniques

  • 11 unpacking techniques

  • 42-minute footage of a real usability test and explanations

  • DIY usability test kit: prewritten test guide, so you can test Google Calendar with a friend under 30 minutes.

  • Sample usability report

  • Course handout with the key points

In this course, I am going to cover the essentials of usability testing. The 20% that gives you 80% of the results: Tasks, Detecting issues, and Unpacking issues. Once you master these 3, you will be able to find ways to improve (or surpass) even the world’s best-designed apps.

How do I know what the essentials are? I have been doing usability tests for a decade now. I have been doing them in real business and industry settings and saw what made a difference and what didn’t. This course is the very essence of what I have learned and distilled during the years. If you only have 60 minutes to learn about Usability Testing, I recommend you learn this.

Author : Zsombor Varnagy-Toth

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